h'okay: so this guy has this paperclip

I have no idea how someone would pitch the tale of Kyle MacDonald and his Red Paperclip to a movie exec. Maybe the novelization of his story was just phenomenal, who knows. But it would seem that someone has decided to make a film entitled "One Red Paperclip" and release it in 2009.

The IMDB entry is sparse to say the least, and googling around yields very little at this point save some apt comments on the One Red Paperclip forums. Definitely nothing conclusive, but an interesting happening nonetheless. I wonder if movies based on internet goings on will suck as much as those based on video games, or perhaps plumb the murky depths of television based on "reality". Of course, if somebody produced a cinematic adaptation of say ... The End Of The World, I might be inclined to check it out ...
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