Summer 2012 Tour

Photos from the road. Note high resolution copies of these photos with descriptions can be found here.

Words of Thanks:

From day one plenty of people have helped out in lots of ways to make this trip happen. In pseudo chronological order, and ongoing as I make my way, I offer hearty thank-you's to some of them that pitched in and sincere apologies if I somehow missed your contribution here (I'm forgetful, remind me please!).

After Brent and I parted ways in Thunder Bay he made for Vancouver with a mean hustle and by the time I arrived was settled into his new apartment and invited me round for a few days to catch up. Sushi, pints, and geeking out while comparing notes about the ride made for an awesome visit. Thanks Brent!

I met Don and Irene, a retired couple who were enjoying an afternoon by a lake along the Coquihalla invited me to their place to fill my water bottles, grab some snacks, and ask me all about my trip. Cheers!

Mike, Joel, and Jessica happily had me visiting at their place and showing me around Calgary for about a week and we had a blast. Beautiful weather and patio sitting in the yard went by way too fast, thanks guys!

Joel and Tammy Bydeley, who put me up for over a week and let me crash a family reunion, you guys are awesome. Thanks for making me part of the fam!

Tim Scanlon happened to be taking five at the same rest stop I pulled into just outside of Blind River. We started yapping and had so much in common that nearly an hour blew by before either of us realized it. After hearing about my trip Tim he insisted on crossing my palm with some extra travel cash, can you believe this guy!? Tim is an athlete and operates a trail run in Whitby to raise funds for the Canadian Liver Foundation, if that sounds like your sort of thing head on over and take a look.

Carlos of South Bay Resort who has a mighty nice place to pitch a tent at a good price, and besides that is a really nice guy who invited me to his fire and put a cold beer in my hand after a long day, thanks man!

My grandparents, Ron and Mary Zavitz, who, as is there nature, offered everything they had. Advice for on-the-road diet, directions, suggestions for folks to stop and visit, snacks for the road, supplements, and words of encouragement and prayer. They remain some of the finest people I've ever known, much love guys!

Cindy Ghent, my friends Brian and Nat's sister who offered up some lawn and a roof just outside Harriston to keep us dry and out from under a thunderstorm, many thanks!

Dan and Aaron and the rest of the cats at Bikes on Wheels on Queen St W Toronto who gave me great advice, hooked me up with some last minute adjustments and were all in all solid folks.

All my friends from USDN, who saw me off when even I was tremendously late arriving to my own farewell bash and who generously passed the hat to supplement my travel budget so I can splurge for a real bed and a hot shower now and then on the road. Y'all cats are awesome, much <3!

The crew of Cambridge Fire Station 5 who when I was late arriving after sunset and didn't have my riding lights rigged (corrected now!) kindly stowed my bike and trailer (aka, everything I own) in the back of the garage behind a rescue boat. Thanks gents!

Tom Wade, whose new wife isn't much of a camper so he happily put a bunch of his camping gear in my hands without hesitation.

Brian Shean, has forgotten more about bikes than I will ever know and has offered to put that knowledge to work on my beat up touring bike, show me the basics of keeping her on the road, and pimp her out with any extra goodies he can scrounge from his massive collection of gear. He'll probably save my life three times before I even hit the road. EDIT: Seriously dude, you gave me so much good advice and gear, I owe you many pints sir!

Matt Leonard, who hates being linked to so I'll leave him be, for hooking me up with a tough cell phone that'll keep me connected while I'm way outside my normal providers coverage area.

Bryan Leis, for passing me an old scanner so I could back up my photos and documents before getting rid of hard copies, my laughing future children thank you and so do I.

Mike McPherson for dropping some crazy dietary knowledge on me to get my fires fuelled right for this trip.

My parents, for not bursting into tears or telling me I'm crazy, and then immediately looking for ways they could help when I announced my plans. You guys are awesome!

My brother Terry: for his unabashed enthusiasm from the moment I told him and for handing me his touring bike without a second thought.
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