caught some (dr)ink

Seems my friend Joe got some words printed in todays Toronto Star, I'm all famous and stuff. Before I heard about the article some guy found me on facebook to get a list of locales for $2.50 drinks. I knew being a cheap bastard would get me somewhere one day. So for the record it goes Wednesday - Croc Rock, Thursday - "Joe" or "My Apartment" (unconfirmed, is this still around?), Friday "Philthy McNasty's" or "The Phoenix", and Saturday - "Afterlife" (rarely worth the effort). Also my brother introduced me to the "Done Right Inn" on Queen West a while back. They have reasonably priced sauce all week, won't give a rats ass if you stick gum on the counter, and have a quiet back patio that'll finish off any summer evening.

Welcome back summer!


april twentieth

I spent Friday afternoon at Ashbridges bay and it was a damn fine time. Some characters from work came along for the ride and sun was had by all. I miss living in the beaches!


ironic in the morissette kinda way

So last night a surprising number of friends decided to join me in ringing in my most recent 365 day stretch on this planet with some Monday night shenanigans. Fortunately I had today off to recover, but several souls who were likely in as poor shape as I was this morning had to drag themselves to work today and I salute their dedication to the cause!

I was also introduced to a new shot I'd never heard of last night by a chum who works with a liquor distributor (shoulda been my first clue) called an "Ironic Tonic". He brought two clear shots to the the table and placed them in front of me announcing that one was gin, and the other tonic water. You chase the one with the other but you don't know which is which.

"Please let the first one be the gin", I thought as I knocked it down. Sure enough I found the gin first so I quickly drained the tonic water as my friend started laughing.

"The ironic part", he said, "is they were both gin. Happy birthday buddy".

Thanks, ass. :)