a guitar hero karaoke bar

A while back I mentioned a strong desire for a combination of beers and guitar hero to present itself. As it happens about a month ago that happened. While scoping out a cheapdrunks bar called Bistro 422 I met a guy named Craig who told tales of such a place here in town. The rumor was that the Chelsea Room on Dundas W. had GH2 every Wednesday night as well as $3.50 drinks.

So naturally, we rallied the troops and hauled our asses down to check it out. Its definitely on at the Chelsea Room. Drinks are indeed cheap and the rock is projected onto a mighty large wall. Hump-day will never be the same again! I'm off tonight at 11, plan to be there with the Rock Sauce flowin by 11:30 :)

Obligatory Facebook group photos here.

Also on the topic of gaming, Interplay is talking Fallout MMO. OhPleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease!

UPDATE (Jan 24/08): GH at the Chelsea Room will be coming to a close in about three weeks, with work being done to get a Rock Band night happening. See also some newer GH @ Chelsea stuff here and stay up to date on the facebook group.


feed on this

This weekend I setup a Google Reader account for my mother. I figure if she can use RSS, you can too. So checkout my sidebar for the feeds that I'm munchin.

Work on cheapdrunks is moving ahead well. I've booked next week off from ze cubicle for a last push to get things ready for a Sept 1st open beta. I've also moved from tracking work on a wiki to Basecamp. So far I like it. Dead easy to use and everything is where you'd expect it to be. I dunno jack from project management and I get the feeling this thing is gonna help a lot.