one up, one down

I guess I missed the buzz but TVNZB has been back for a couple weeks now which pleases me greatly. Now that ze storage is back online I'll be checking the offerings regularly. Though it does seem that my chosen image hosting service Zooomr is having some RAID problems of their own. AFAIK they have no ETA on a fix, so if things is still borked tomorrow night I'll try moving my banner and misc pics elsewhere while they make with the fixins.

On the moving front most stuff is in line for tomorrow. Barring anything larger than the average moving day catastrophes (last time the truck was four hours late) or bouts of high caliber debauchery (we filled in the aforementioned hours with beer) or work interfering with my day (okay well actually after the move and the beer I ditched work flat out last time) I should be done in time to make an appearance at the mysterious "Secret Beach Party".

Fingers crossed!


gary the homeless guy

Some homeless guy followed me home from the beer store today, offering to divine my home town in exchange for a cold Grolsch from my frosty box-o-beers. He toterred along all the way to my front door narrowing down the options. "You were born in Canada for sure", he said. "In Ontario definitely, and not South of here. You were born North of Toronto." I played along and let him know he was right but he brushed it off saying "Oh don't tell me yet, I know I'm right so far".

When we got to the gate which surrounds my house I put the question to him. "Okay, this is me. So where was I born?".


I almost dropped my beer. So WTF I figured. He nailed it fair and square so I shared a beer and a smoke with Gary The Homeless guy and chatted about the city we share, family, and the mystery of the opposite sex. Then he asked if he could liberate the enormous pile of empties I keep just inside my front door, which I obliged before he went on his way.

As a rule I always give my empties to the guys rummaging in the recycle bins. I hate taking empties back but I hate not recycling them too. I figure that can balance out my "no I'm sorry you can't have any change" karma.

Anyway, heres to you Gary The Homeless Guy. Hope you enjoyed ze frosty beverage!


2.6.20 broke my friggin raid

Well not really, but it took me a few minutes of poking around to discover that all my IDE drives which are hooked to a Silicon Image PCI0680 card are now following SCSI naming conventions. So now what I thought was a clever attempt at averting trouble in the future by clearly marking all the devices in my system with a shiny silver marker is now just graffiti.

So if you've recently compiled a kernel without really paying attention (ahem) like me, and you lost your /dev/hdx, check yer /dev/sdx before you go back to 2.6.11.


moving sucks

I've lived in Toronto just two years now and am about to complete my fourth relocation since arriving. In the act of looking for a place this time 'round I've had two viewing appointments cancelled because the suite was rented before I got a chance to see it. I'm also somehow in the middle of someones breakup it seems, as my calls for a particular loft near my current apartment are being bounced back and forth between a man and woman who don't seem to share any of the information I've given to either of them and who can't commit to a showing despite my insistance that I can walk to the unit in less than three minutes and will show up at ANY time.

So now I'm about ready to settle for a place that is about the size of my current bedroom. Fortunately I don't own enough stuff to need much more room than that, but if anybody has a condo in the financial district they wanna rent me for a song please get in touch. Everybody else, please disregard my complete lack of responsiveness for the next few weeks. I'll slap up some pics of the new postagestamp crib when I find it ...