moving sucks

I've lived in Toronto just two years now and am about to complete my fourth relocation since arriving. In the act of looking for a place this time 'round I've had two viewing appointments cancelled because the suite was rented before I got a chance to see it. I'm also somehow in the middle of someones breakup it seems, as my calls for a particular loft near my current apartment are being bounced back and forth between a man and woman who don't seem to share any of the information I've given to either of them and who can't commit to a showing despite my insistance that I can walk to the unit in less than three minutes and will show up at ANY time.

So now I'm about ready to settle for a place that is about the size of my current bedroom. Fortunately I don't own enough stuff to need much more room than that, but if anybody has a condo in the financial district they wanna rent me for a song please get in touch. Everybody else, please disregard my complete lack of responsiveness for the next few weeks. I'll slap up some pics of the new postagestamp crib when I find it ...
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